What is the cost difference between opening a store through you guys vs. buying printed tees in bulk? 
There are a number of factors that influence the unit cost in bulk orders: Qnty, number of colours in the design, and the garment. You can use our online quote form to request a quote on bulk orders. 

Can we open a store but have a website that's independent of Unique Print PH? 
Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to plug in to the back end of other platforms such as Shopify and Magento at this stage. You could open a store on one of these platforms, but you would need to key your orders in manually via the front end of your Unique Print Affiliate store. 

What if I bought my own domain?  
You can redirect your Unique Print PH store to a Domain name that you have purchased, this can be done in the backend of your store.   

Can we negotiate our costs after selling 100 tees or something?
Due to the nature and work involved with drop shipping, and the fact that affiliates already received 10% off everything in our store we do not currently negotiate lower fees.  

Can we set up Afterpay or similar?
Post payment systems are not currently available due to the restrictions of the platform we use. 

How customisable is our website? Can we add things like a blog? 
You can fully customise your own website, and include a blog also.  

Can we ship worldwide or to Philippines only? 
We do ship Internationally and these fees can be found on our shipping page. 

Will our store look completely our own without any reference to Transfer it if we do host with you? 
All orders are shipping in blank unbranded packaging with a white label. We don't leave any Unique Print thumb prints on any part of your order, so as far as your customer is aware you print the order yourself. 

Do you offer custom branding of tags and packaging? 
At this stage we do not offer any kind of custom branding or packing. We do hope to do so in the near future, stay tuned. 

I can't login to my store? Can you help?
In order to login to your store you need to first go to your stores homepage.  You can not log into your store via our Unique Print homepage.  Once on your own homepage, key in your username and password and you will automatically be taken to the back end of your store.   

Example Affiliate Store:  
Sheepoll:  Mos Nes Arts


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